Pet Park


We are a newer facility offering the very best in kennel care for your special dog or cat. Pet Park is conveniently located just 7 km from the Medicine Hat Airport, directly off the #3 highway. Our kennel building has lots of room to stretch out and relax after a busy day of play with other Pet Park guests. Each pet is provided with their own bed, food and fresh water to make them feel right at home. Our kennel system was custom designed and built for Pet Park by Mason Company of Leesburg, Ohio. They have been in the business of building animal enclosures for over 100 years! The kennels are designed with a solid wall between guests so everyone can relax and feel secure but still keep an eye out on the comings and goings of other guests. Staff can easily monitor each pet and respond to their needs promptly. No pet likes to spend all their time indoors so Pet Park has a variety of play options to choose from. Whether your dog is a “social butterfly” or the “loner” type we can accommodate their needs at Pet Park. Our large play areas allow staff to spend time launching balls for retrieval and gives groups of dogs room to romp. For some dogs this group play is a very fun-filled way to spend the day. For others, our 10′ X 50′ individual runs allow single dogs or small groups to sniff and challenge their neighbours to a friendly race without compromising the safety of any pet. These runs work especially well for younger just-learning-the-ropes dogs, medium sized dogs who may by overwhelmed by larger playmates, independent or less patient dogs as well as senior types who just want to relax and take it easy in the sun. This wide variety of play options help even the most anxious “pet parents” to feel confident about leaving their pet at our kennel. Our staff work hard to learn the individual needs of each pet guest in order to make their stay as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Owner preferences are noted on each guest’s kennel card to ensure that the pet is fed and exercised in a consistent manner each day.

Daily Routine

Dogs do best when they know what to expect throughout the day – with some happy playmates and human cuddles thrown in! At Pet Park we have developed a schedule that provides the predictability that makes pet guests feel safe and secure while allowing staff to individualize each guest’s care. Twice daily the dogs take a break from all the excitement and come inside to their own designated kennel for feeding and “quiet time”. The lights are dimmed and the dogs usually curl up for a nap. This helps the dogs to settle and regroup between playtimes and keeps everyone’s nerves from becoming frazzled!

Safety First

Safety is a #1 priority at Pet Park. We have staff on duty that have Canine First Aid Certificates. We value our clients and want everyone to go home happy and healthy from our kennel. We have developed practices that best suit our furry guests while keeping staff injuries to a minimum. We ask that you support our efforts by staying away from areas that are posted as “Staff Only”. As well, please provide any pertinent information about your pet such as food aggression, anxieties or problem behaviours. We will work with you to reduce or resolve these issues whenever possible. We are not dog trainers, but with experience staff have learned some techniques that may help you to enjoy your pet to the fullest.

Services Offered

– Daycare or overnight kennelling. (For the pet with too many free hours without you!) – Clean, spacious and secure kennels (Who doesn’t like comfy digs?) – Individualized feeding schedules: 1, 2 or 3 times daily (Keeps things regular!) – Medication administration (For your pet’s special care needs)

What to Bring

Proof of up-to-date vaccinations – including DAPP (often referred to as “annual shots”), Bordetella (kennel cough) and Rabies. Bringing a photocopy for our files is recommended. Food – Please bring your pet’s usual food to prevent tummy upset here or at home. We ask that you not change your pet’s food within 1 week of boarding unless recommended by your veterinarian. Also, keep in mind that some dogs are getting significantly more exercise and mental stimulation at the kennel and may require larger portions. Accidents may happen that cause a feeding to be discarded or sometimes circumstances arise that keep you away longer than you had planned so please bring some extra food to ensure adequate supplies. If possible, place the food in a plastic container with a lid that snaps in place. Label clearly. Toys and bedding –  We recommend that you bring any washable bedding that makes your pet feel more at home. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot be held responsible for any lost, soiled or damaged items. Leave valuable items at home for safekeeping. We ask that you take your leashes home after leaving your pet with us to ensure these are not lost or damaged.


Our rates are comparable to others in the Medicine Hat area. Our facilities and staff are second to none. Please call to determine the charges for a specific dog or cat stay. Also, please note that all fees for your pet’s stay must be paid, in full, before your pet is released. We accept cash, personal cheques, debit and E Transfers. We also have an ATM on site. All fees include GST.

What NOT to Bring

Dirty or ragged toys or bedding – Please help us to maintain a clean, safe environment for all our guests. Launder any items you wish to bring. Rope toys or raw bones – These are fine in your home but may cause problems at a kennel. Rope toys may be chewed apart (or swallowed whole!) and become lodged in a pet’s throat or intestinal tract. Raw bones may have salmonella bacteria which can be lethal to some dogs. Feel free to contact the staff at Pet Park to discuss and questions or concerns you may have.

Helpful Reminders

1. Bring your pet’s food and vaccination records into the Pet Park office before you bring in your pet. 2. Check-in/out may take 5 – 20 minutes. Please allow our staff the time to ask questions about your pet and record the information. 3. If you are leaving someone else’s name/phone number as a contact person, please be sure to contact that person before leaving your pet with us. 4. Take your pet for a potty break prior to check-in to prevent messes in walkways and reception areas. Use a short leash while in these areas. 5. Do NOT enter kennel areas without a staff member – be safe, not sorry! 6. Ask before petting a strange dog! Be watchful with children who may not understand the risks of reaching through a fence or standing to close to an unfamiliar dog.


Why does my dog need to be vaccinated? This is required for the safety of all pet guests, staff and owners. Viruses may be present in parks, on sidewalks, dog wash and grooming facilities, pet stores or kennels. What is “kennel cough”? This virus is also called “Bordetella” and produces a very harsh, frequent cough that may cause irreparable damage to a dog’s lungs or vocal cords. Why are you closed in the middle of the day? Pet Park is closed during midday hours to allow staff to spend time with pet guests individually and also to keep up with daily cleaning and maintenance.     How much time will my dog spend outside? That will depend on weather, the behaviour and personality of your pet and your own specific requests. Whether inside or outside, any pet that is uncomfortable is moved to another area. Why is my dog so exhausted after being at the kennel? Pets get a lot of physical and mental stimulation at a kennel. This may be very different from their routine at home. Expect your pet to be tired for 1 – 3 days after visiting a kennel. Contact Pet Park staff with any questions or concerns you may have. How far in advance should I book kennel visits? We recommend that you book kennel stays as soon as you have confirmed the dates you will be needing our services to avoid disappointment. Thanks for visiting Pet Park online! We look forward to meeting you and your pets!